Policies on Use of Common Property — Revised Oct. 2009


Please be sure that all members of your household and all guests are aware of these policies, which the Lake Woodrock Association Board of Directors has approved and adopted. While these policies have been in effect for years, the board wanted to collect them all in one place so everyone is on the same page regarding the use of our common property. The board hopes that every member will follow and help enforce these policies so we can all can safely enjoy the lake and other association property. Please let a board member know about unacceptable behavior on or damage to association property so we can find a collective remedy as soon as possible.



Members of the Lake Woodrock Association, their families and their guests utilize the lake and its facilities at their own risk. Member parents are fully responsible for the acts and safety of their children in and around the lake and on the beach. It is strongly suggested that members take CPR and Rescue Breathing courses at the American Red Cross. There is a First Aid Kit in the shed, but if an accident does occur at the lake, call the 911 Emergency System immediately



·        While prior tests have shown the lake water to be fine for swimming, the association makes no representation as to current or future water quality. The swimming area bounded by the line of floats is chlorinated as a maintenance procedure in the summer.

·        There is no lifeguard on duty. All swimmers enter the water at their own risk. Large gatherings should arrange for a lifeguard to be present at their get-togethers.



·        Children under the age of 12, and those children who cannot swim, must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver at all times.

·        Children 12 years and older may be at the beach unescorted. However, the association encourages all members to accompany minor children to the beach.

·        Children who are poor swimmers should not go beyond the first line of floats.

·        State law requires that all children in boats, canoes and kayaks wear U.S. Coast Guard–approved life preservers.



·        Please notify a board member in advance of any planned group activity on the beach. (Please remember that there is no exclusive use of association property.)

·        Members must be present at all group activities held on association property. At no time and for no purpose may members grant permission to nonmembers to use association property without a member’s being present.

·        Groups must vacate the beach by 11 p.m. in consideration of neighboring households. If you host an evening gathering on the beach, please use common courtesy toward those living nearby.

·        Consumption of alcohol on association property by people under 21 is prohibited.

·        As a matter of policy, police will be called to investigate gatherings that take continue after 11 p.m., potentially involve underage drinking and/or include disruptive or destructive behavior.

·        Please take your trash home with you; the town does not pick up garbage from the lake. Rather, nearby homeowners volunteer to clean the beach of litter and dispose of any trash left behind.

·        No glass is allowed at the beach; breakage could seriously injure barefoot children and adults.



Non-members must be accompanied by an adult Association member at all times.



Fires of any kind and size, whether open or contained, are prohibited on Association property at all times in all seasons.



Fishing is permitted by members and their accompanied guests from the lake edge near the Brook Lane walkway. Absolutely no fishing is allowed from the beach or dock, or in any swimming area. Please be careful of used hooks.



The association does not provide any supervision, warranty or testing of lake ice at any time. All ice-skating on the Lake takes place at the risk of participants. Members are strongly encouraged to educate themselves, their children and their guests on the potential hazards of ice-skating on the lake and to take the proper precautions. Members are also reminded that most of the lake is deeper than 6 feet.



Pets are not permitted to play on the beach or in the water. While we understand that members may at times need to cross the beach with a pet, members are expected at all times to have their pets leashed and to cleanup after their pets.



·      The flat-bottom rowboat belongs to the association and is not intended for recreational use. Please ensure that this boat is available at all times in case of emergency.

·      Please store boats on or near the canoe rack, adjacent to the Spruce Lane walkway. Please store boats face down to prevent the accumulation of standing water, which can breed mosquitoes and other insects.