Erika Rindler Urbach

Erica Rindler Urbach joined the association when she and her husband Dr. Joseph Urbach bought the house at 205 Furnace Dock road, and later moved into the house at 8 Spruce Lane. She died in December of 2005. She was an active member of the Lake Association, and a steward of the lake and its wildlife. A couple of the people who knew her well wrote the following notes.


She was a Force -- by Sara Cook

Erika Rindler Urbach died just before the December holidays in her bed during the night; not in her Manhattan apartment but in her Spruce Lane house overlooking her beloved Lake Woodrock. I say beloved because no matter what else one thought of Erika, I doubt anyone who knew her at all would deny her fierce devotion to the lake and the association that keeps it going.

Never one to keep her strong and strongly felt opinions to herself -- often to a fault, some would say -- she had her share of detractors. Perhaps this was in part because she was so often right, or at least presented a thoughtful, knowledgeable perspective on how things should be done – and didn’t hesitate to say so!

I must have met Erika at the 1972 annual association meeting on the beach, my introduction to that often exasperating event. It took no time to understand that she was an active and indeed essential participant in the association’s operation, almost a one-woman manager of the beachfront and lake – hiring and overseeing lifeguards every year; regularly monitoring water quality as then required by the county board of health; and along with Larry Zeitlin, getting qualified to apply chemicals when it was necessary – which was unfortunately always when the weather was hot and sunny. We’d all troop to the lake ready to swim only to be confronted with signs exclaming, “No Swimming Until Further Notice.” That did not go over at all well. Some among us may even have suspected Erika was somehow responsible for our disappointment. She was, after all, an easy mark. But Erika never blinked.

I suspect she was a force to be reckoned with from the day she was born. I know she was just such a force to the last. As an association board member representing Spruce Lane, she hosted the emergency meeting on Sunday, December 4 in her living room, perhaps the last such gathering of her life, and she did so with her usual grace and panache. But even then, less than 3 weeks before her death, as she offered coffee, juice and breakfast rolls, she forthrightly and firmly expressed her dissatisfactions and concerns without hesitation and yet without animosity.

Wherever Erika’s spirit is now, she’s surely found plenty of room for improvement, and she’s letting The Powers That Be know all about it. No resting in peace for her!


We lost a friend -- by Jim Christensen

We lost a dear friend in December. Erika died at home, in the house by the lake that she loved. Several of her neighbors saw her on Dec. 4th at the special meeting of the Lake membership at Erika’s house. While Erika had curtailed her activity on and in the lake in recent years, she was always ready to volunteer her house for a lake meeting and help with lake business. She had long ago lost the distinction of “first bather of the Spring”, but she never lost that special caretaker relationship with the Lake, the beach, and the lake animals. Nobody that knew her will ever forget her, and we will all miss her.