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July 4, 2012

George and Larry hosted the 4th annual July 4th Paddler's Potluck and Regatta. As in previous years it was good party, but this year it seemed to be more of a family event. We must have set a record for the number of young attendees, and also for the number of people (large and small) who were in the lake (without a boat). The following video shows many of the swimmers, and all of the "floats". Another first this year was a "one way" boat... it left the beach never to reaturn (due to equipment failure). Larry and Maggie did return to the beach, but without their boat.

July 4, 2011

George and Larry hosted yet another exceptional July 4th paddler's potluck and regatta this year.
CLICK HERE to see a YouTube video of the regatta and some of the festivities.
If you missed the event this year, you missed a good time!
A few snapshots of the regatta are shown below.

July 4, 2010

George and Larry hosted another exceptional July 4th regatta and picnic this year. We have both snapshots and links to videos of the event on this page. The photo below shows a few of the boats in the regatta. The stream is coming from Max's craft labeled "Drill Baby Drill" and is meant to simulate an oil gusher. Tom and Val are playing the part of Louisiana residents in this enactment. Tom's and Val's vessel was reminiscent of an October evening, and was titled "Arachno-forth-ia".

George's and Larry's personal entry can be seen in the next two shots. It's the craft closest to the camera in the first shot. In addition to the entry's unique beauty, it seems that it would be well prepared for cross-country shipment.

Sara undoubtedly contributed the best photo of the evening of Oliver Hagen eating one of Val's cupcakes. Bill anchored the family's star-spangled boat in the regatta.

Speaking of Sara, can you guess which of the following two photos she appears in? Hint: She's not as daring as she use to be!

Larry and Maggie came for both the picnic and the regatta. Here is a shot of Larry leading the flotilla around the south shore of the lake. Although Larry is a riveting a figure in this shot, Tom's and Rae's garden statue makes a strong (yet enigmatic) statement for me in this photo.

Awards were given to the best boats in the regatta, where "best" included such notable categories are "most likely to sink", "most patriotic", and "best use of all natural ingredients" (not sure about the accuracy of that last one). In no particular order, here are some of the proud winners.

Many of us just hung out on the beach and enjoyed good food, good conversation, and the gorgeous evening and setting that M.Nature provided. A big thanks to everyone who gave their time and effort to pull this off, and especially to George and Larry who imagined that such a thing would be a good idea.

Finally we have half a dozen links that Sara provided to videos of the regatta:

Note: All videos are hosted on


December 24, 2009


December 24th was a glorious winter day in Cortlandt Manor this past year, and if you had been on the lake you might have seen some of the people pictued on this page as their blades flashed across the ice. Thanks to high speed, stop-action photography, we've managed to freeze (not literally, in fact it was actually quite nice out) some of those skaters.

The afternoon sun and a friendly hockey game kept everyone warm.

The entire Borchardt family teamed-up.

And others lines were formed on the spot.

At the end of the day, smiles like the one on Max's face say it all.

Thanks to Deb Borchardt for these photos.

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